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A picture of a hand holding some moneyWe have worked very hard and been fortunate with our fundraising:

We held an event in conjunction with Ability Net where our members were assessed regarding their individual needs for using adaptive computer equipment. We bought £1650 worth of assistive technology to ensure everyone's needs were individually met.

We have been able to buy specialist computer equipment that will benefit the whole group.

We have recently been awarded a £2000 grant to use towards training our members in areas that they would like to improve, in particular confidently speaking up for themselves.

We still have a way to go to train our members to use the equipment but our hope for the future is that our members will be able to take the equipment home and use it when they want to.

We also have forged strong links with Bridgend People First and are currently making contact with Caerphilly People First.

We won an award from the Monmouth Town Council Community Grant Scheme to build this website. Read more about it here.